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Podcast with NCCGA Founder, Kris Hart

Thanks to Kris Hart of the NCCGA and NextGenGolf for being the first guest on the Second Nine Podcast.  This is a very interesting conversation and touches on all subjects pertaining to club golf at the college level.  We hear lots of questions about club golf, its competitiveness, commitment and playing level.  Kris does an outstanding job of explaining the genesis of the NCCGA and how they are helping thousands of players across the country.  Please enjoy!


Enjoy the NCAA's!

Of all the tremendous strides college golf has taken over the past 5-10 years, by far the most exciting, important and frankly, coolest, developments has been the Golf Channel's coverage of the NCAA Championship.  Certainly years in the making, this is such a great opportunity for the players and coaches to show off their talent, hard work and dedication.  It is certainly bringing more eye-balls and interest to our sport and its great to see alumni, boosters and fans of different programs engage with the teams and broadcast over social media.  

Eugene CC will be an awesome test for the players and a beautiful backdrop to watch golf for a week.  I had the chance to play it last spring and it was nothing short of spectacular!  Eugene offers perfect turf growing conditions and the poa annua  greens were impeccable.  It will offer a great test in both medal and match play.  Holes 16-18 will bring a lot of drama and many birdie opportunities; what more can you ask for!  

From a junior golfer (and parent) perspective this is an incredible opportunity to watch and learn from the best players in Division I.  Not only can you see the level of play, but maybe more importantly, you can watch and see how coaches and teams interact with each other and their individual style.  Being able to see how coaches differ in their approach will help you understand what would be most effective for you in your college career.  Are you going to be at your best with a coach by your side for 18 holes?  One who checks in on par threes?  One that makes sure you have water, snacks and a high five?  One who wears emotions on their sleeve, or one who is a poker player?  There are so many different coaching styles and each program is different.  Doing research and understanding the differences (and understanding what will best fit YOU) can be a key differentiator in making a final decision. During talks and visits with coaches, asking them about their individual coaching style and that of their assistant coaches is a critical question.  

Enjoy the telecast and feel free to reach out with any questions!