All Rates are effective as of 1/1/18

Annual Program - $5,000

This comprehensive annual program offers all of the prescribed services to each client.  Each client is encouraged to schedule regular phone or Skype conversations with the coaches during the year.  Each client can expect unfettered access to the coaches throughout the year with timely responses to call calls, texts and emails.  Please refer to the "About Us" section for further details on what each Client can expect during this program.  An initial assessment and consultation is included in the program and is scheduled at the beginning of the term.  All travel related expenses are subject to reimbursement outlined below.

6-Month Program - $3000

A good choice for rising high school seniors who have less then a year until they start their college career.  With time being a premium, these clients will receive the same services as the annual program at a more expedited rate.   All travel related expenses are subject to reimbursement outlined below.  

Hourly Program - Minimum retainer of $2,000

Some clients may prefer to opt for an hourly program, rather than the all-encompassing annual program.  Clients will be billed for a 10 hour retainer of $2,000.  During this process, we will quickly and efficiently respond to all inquiries and scheduled calls/meetings, but will not initiate any contact.  Once the 10-hours have expired, clients will be an additional retainer at the hourly rate posted at that time.  Prepaid hours expire one year after purchase.  Travel expenses are subject to reimbursement outlined below.  

Initial assessment and consultation (suggested for all new clients) $1,250

Suggested for all new clients, the initial assessment and consultation is an all encompassing day of golf with us and a look into the junior golf landscape and college recruiting process.  The day will include (but is not limited to), a range session, 18 holes of golf, post round meal and discussion of junior golf and the recruiting process.  Topics will include a game assessment, junior golf overview, college placement discussion and a general Q+A.  A follow up brief will be written and forwarded after the day, to include recommendations and strategies (a follow up phone call can be scheduled as well).  Within 30 days, fees paid for the assessment can be credited towards the annual program cost.  Travel expenses are subject to reimbursement outlined below.  

"Front Nine" Program (For Students who have yet to start 10th Grade - 50% off all programming (all assessments are located in Charleston, SC unless otherwise agreed to)

This new offering is for players who have yet to start 10th grade and is aimed towards giving these families the roadmap needed for junior golf and college placement.  Areas stressed will be proper tournament scheduling, creating the "team", understanding college golf and the recruiting process as well as all other aspects of each program played out in the "About Us" Section.  

Premium Annual Program - Prices are based on a case-by-case basis

Clients interested in a premium, enhanced program where we can collaborate and create an individualized program to fit their needs.  Services and and objectives will determined on a case-by-case basis.

Loyalty Clause -

Clients that opt to renew for a successive year will be able to renew at their original rate - increases will not apply

Transfer Option - 

Hourly clients may opt to transfer to the annual program within their first 3 hours of paid service

Payment Terms - 

Applicable fees for all programs and consultations, including renewals and extensions, are due in advance of services.  Please note all bank transfers are subject to a service charge.  Credit Cards are subject to a 2.75% surcharge.

Travel Expenses - 

Clients may incur additional fees to cover applicable travel time and related expenses if meetings (including the Initial Assessment and Consultation) are more than 100 miles from Charleston, SC.  Airfare (coach class), rental car, gas, hotel and incidental expenses will be charged on an actual basis.  Meal reimbursement will be charged at a rate of $40 per day and mileage will be calculated on current IRS tax codes.  

NCAA Compliance - Fees are not contingent on a prospective student-athlete either being recruited to play golf in college or receiving any institutional financial aid - all fees are due in advance of services.