College Golf Placement, Simplified


Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and mentor junior golf families during the college recruiting process and provide them with the tools that will lead to the ideal fit for college, both academically and athletically.  We will define our success by using the following strategies:

  • Expert college placement and recruiting guidance 
    • Based on each families wants and needs for the college experience
  • Proper Tournament Scheduling
    • Including a background and tutorial on AJGA PBE process, regional, and local tours
  • Golf Resume and video production
    • Step-by-Step guidance on the production of both and how to disseminate to targeted coaches/schools
  • Social media training and development
    • In-depth training on what can separate you both positively and negatively to college coaches
  • Game enhancement through mental techniques and improved course management
  • First-hand knowledge relationships with hundreds of schools and coaches
  • Fresh ideas and content from industry experts

how will we ACHIEVE our goal?

  • Engage in positive analysis of player's game, including strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a college level practice plan to develop all aspects of a player's game, focused on enhancing strengths and improving weaknesses 
  • Keep an open mind during process of finding the right school
  • Work with family to come up with a proper list of "target schools"
  • This list will include some "reach", "reasonable" and "safety" schools
  • Work on proactively communicating with targeted schools
  • Complete a thorough rundown of NCAA compliance regulations and laws
  • Develop and Plan junior tournament schedule by season
  • Explain AJGA PBE process, in addition to Junior Golf Scoreboard and Golfweek ranking systems
  • Monitor and engage in statistical analysis and game improvement ideas
  • Prepare student and family for College Golf time requirements 
  • Help to establish good time management skills 
    • Balance between golf, academics and social time
  • Work with player on game management and mental techniques
    • Including the use of positive psycology