Welcome, Coach Watts!

We could not be more excited, proud and optimistic about Coach Brian Watts joining Second Nine Golf.  Coach Watts brings tremendous experience, energy and leadership to the team and will provide terrific mentorship to all current and future clients.  As a 16 year head coach, 9 seasons at Oregon State and 7 seasons at Army West Point, Coach Watts saw all levels of college golf, from coaching All-Americans at Oregon State to working and recruiting some of the smartest young men our country has to offer at West Point.  

Coach Watts and I were together at West Point for 4 seasons.  Not only did we have a great working relationship and lots of success on the course, but we became very close friends and were able to compliment one another nicely with our strengths and weaknesses. Coach Watts is one of the best leaders, mentors and golf minds I have been around and will be a huge asset to Second Nine.  

Our approach to our clients and our core values will not change.  Honesty, Integrity, Insight and Professionalism will always remain our tenets and guiding light.  Our goal is for families and players to walk away knowing they had all the information, did their research and made the best decision they could given all factors.  Each client can expect to benefit from our combined experience and expertise and will have access to both of us at all times.  Each client will continue to have a ‘point person’ but communication will flow between both Coach Brazeau and Watts.  

Coach Watts can be reached at brian@secondninegolf.com and 541-231-GOLF (4653) and Coach Brazeau can continue to be reached at rich@secondninegolf.com and 603-817-8941.